Full service pressure wash and soft wash.

Now offering a 15% discount to all military personnel

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Remove Mildew, Dirt, Rust, or Grime 

Whether you need your driveway to dazzle, your PVC fence to pass HOA standards, or your roof to look like it’s brand new again, Outdoor Heroes offers full-service pressure washing and soft washing in the Wesley Chapel/New Tampa area.

As a veteran-owned company, we uphold the values of integrity, hard work done well, and freedom from oppression of any kind–whether it’s pressure from your HOA or simply your To-Do list.


We show up on time

Unlike many other service companies, we take pride in the fact that we show up and show up on time!


We Do things Right

Our Sergeant didn’t allow cutting corners in Bootcamp, so the same goes for taking care of your property.

We Make You Proud

You’ll be the hero of your family by not only hiring the right company but also by having spectacular curb appeal for your home.

Or call: (813) 767-6097

Soft Wash Services

Why Choose Soft Wash over High Pressure? 

Sometimes, more pressure can do more harm than good, especially when cleaning roofs.  Our Soft Wash service is a low pressure/high volume of water mixed with a special chemical treatment that can be customized to the project.  

Or call: (813) 767-6097

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About Us

Veteran Owned & Operated

As a veteran who served in the military, I understand the feeling of wanting time to do things with your family. After all, I’m also a family man who’s a Disney fanatic and sports fan (of any St. Louis team).  There are plenty of events and activities that I would rather fill my weekends than chores around the house. But like you, I want my home to look and feel great when I get home from work, and the last thing I need is to feel burdened by other people’s opinions or regulations.

We value taking care of others

One of the things I learned while being in the military is the importance of hard work done well and the meaning of sacrifice for the sake of others. The America that I was proud to serve for is the country where tyranny has no place, even if it comes from over-judging neighbors or ridiculous HOA boards. Helping people is our passion, even if it’s giving you a clean driveway, sidewalk, home exterior, or roof.   Ultimately, we’ve done our job if you feel the relief of knowing that you can focus on being your family’s hero.

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No more wasted weekends, exhausting and annoying work, and the pressure of keeping up appearances.

Spend more time to living your life the way that you want with your family and living in a home that looks great with a pristine driveway/sidewalk and roof that looks like new.