The weeds in your garden bed aren’t only unsightly, but they’re taking nutrients away from your plants. Pulling weeds or spraying them with herbicides can help, but don’t always help solve the bigger problem long term. Some weeds drop seeds when you tug them out of the ground, while others have extensive root systems that can be difficult to remove. Read on to discover how you can help keep your garden beds weed-free and help your plants thrive!

Before Planting Your Garden

Before planting your garden or if you want to completely overhaul your existing garden, you’re going to need to lay down landscape fabric, burlap, or even cardboard. This helps weeds stop in their tracks by preventing their roots from growing deep in the soil. You’ll want to cut an X shape in the material where you plan on placing plants so that their roots can take hold in the earth below.

Use Mulch

Mulch is a great way to help prevent weeds in your garden, and with a variety of mulches available, they can suit any look you’re going for. A 3-inch layer of mulch helps prevent weeds from getting hold in your garden and block out sunlight necessary for them to grow. Mulch is also great for your garden and helps prevent erosion and holds moisture necessary for your plants!

Add Compost

Even soil scientists aren’t 100% sure why it works, but adding composting to your garden can help prevent weeds from growing. Adding compost to areas of your garden can make weeds less likely to appear, and also provides great nutrients for existing plants!

Pull Weeds ASAP

No matter what you do, weeds may still sprout up from time to time. It is important to handle these correctly to help prevent them from growing back or spreading across your garden bed. While weeds are small, their root systems are also not deep and can be easily plucked from the soil. When you spot a larger weed, you’ll want to use a small garden shovel to make sure you completely remove the roots.

Although weeds can never be completely eradicated, these simple steps will help keep them to a minimum, provide your plants with necessary nutrients to grow, and prevent you from spending hours trying to tackle them in your garden!

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