As the summer heat and humidity rage on, you may begin to notice brown patches taking over parts of your yard. These patches are actually caused by a type of fungus known as rhizoctonia, which will unfortunately continue to spread throughout your yard unless it is treated.

Identifying Brown Patches

To identify if it is rhizoctonia creating brown patches on your yard simply get down and examine a few blades of grass in the brown patch. If it is rhizoctonia, you’ll notice that there are various brown spots on each blade, particularly in the middle of the grass. These spots will spread until the entire blade of grass has turned brown or faded. The patches themselves come in varying shapes and sizes, depending on the severity of the fungus.

Treating Brown Patches

When it comes to treating brown patches on your yard, fungicide can help. We would recommend going to a local hardware store to pick up some fungicide that can specifically work against rhizoctonia.  However, you might be surprised that one of the best ways to eliminate this fungus is by simply keeping your lawn mowed and leftover thatch removed!  With the summer humidity and rain, any grass that’s trapped under a blanket of thatch leads to the spreading of rhizoctonia.

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