Have you taken a look at the outside of your home recently and noticed that your stucco is looking rather green? This green stuff isn’t just unsightly, it’s actually an airborne algae that can cause damage if left untreated. We’re here to help you understand just how exactly that algae got there and what to do with it to protect your greatest investment; your home!


Survey Your Home

There’s no need to panic if your home has green stucco or siding, however you do need to take note of which parts of your home are affected by it. You may notice that the north side of your home is more affected than other parts. This is due to the fact that the north sides of homes often see less sunlight and can create the perfect place for algae to thrive. After you’ve found the problem areas, be sure to give us a call so we can determine the best approach of power-washing that will help remove the growth and protect your siding.


What Happens Long Term

Untreated algae can become a big problem if not dealt with properly. When left alone for long periods of time, this greenery can become part of the scenery! When algae isn’t removed, it can delve deeper into your siding, becoming increasingly difficult to remove and staining your siding.


How Did it Get There?

Airborne algae differs from region to region and unfortunately there is no completely escaping it. By removing dirt and other pollutants off of your home, you make it more difficult for algae to take hold and thrive.


Removing Algae

The best way to deal with algae is to get your home power washed on a yearly basis. Outdoor Heroes will take initiative to inspect problem areas and tackle it accordingly. Unfortunately, algae cannot be eliminated forever, but Outdoor Heroes can help by removing it, preventing stainage, and protecting your home for years to come!


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